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How To Reduce Your Heating Bill

How To Reduce Your Heating BillWinter is just around the corner, energy prices are going through the roof and the weather is proving to be unpredictable. Our gas bills are being hiked and that leaves us asking the question, what can we do about it? Our in-house...

Booking A Boiler Service In Belfast

Booking A Boiler Service In BelfastWhy is it important to service your boiler annually?Servicing your boiler annually can help to increase its lifespan and keep it running safely and efficiently. If you look after your heating system, it will lower your gas bill on a...

How To Save Up To 6% On Your Annual Energy Bills

How To Save Up To 6% On Your Annual Energy BillsThe cost of heating a home in Northern Ireland rose by 70% this autumn. The Utility Regulator has warned that households can expect to pay approximately £200 a month on average for their gas and electricity. Meanwhile,...

5 Reasons To Service Your Boiler In Summer

5 Reasons To Service Your Boiler In SummerI doubt during the summer months we even consider our boilers at home, but should we? I want to make suggestions as to why Summer is the best season to have your boiler serviced, and hopefully the sun is shining on you as you...

Boiler Locking Out

Boiler Locking OutWhat Is A Boiler Lockout?Your boiler is locking out but you are not sure what is causing it and how to fix it?A boiler lockout means that your boiler has shut down. When a lockout occurs, the boiler stops working and it’s display flashes up with an...

My Boiler Is Not Heating Water

My Boiler Is Not Heating Water. Here's What To CheckMost of the UK’s modern homes rely on a gas boiler for both heating and hot water. We often tend to take hot water for granted and expect it to be available when we need it. However, as a piece of equipment that is...

Typical Boiler Breakdowns

Typical Boiler BreakdownsModern boilers and heating systems are generally built to last. But as any other appliance in your home, they are not perfect, and sometimes things can go wrong. Unfortunately, boiler breakdown, in most cases, comes without warning. In this...

Summer Boiler Maintenance Tips

4 Summer Boiler Maintenance TipsIt might seem like your boiler doesn’t get much use in the summer compared to winter, but that isn’t necessarily true. For example, in Belfast hot weather (which you may remember took place around 1846), people take more showers –...

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