5 Reasons To Service Your Boiler In Summer

I doubt during the summer months we even consider our boilers at home, but should we? I want to make suggestions as to why Summer is the best season to have your boiler serviced, and hopefully the sun is shining on you as you read it.

An annual boiler service is vital to the longevity and efficiency of your boiler, it also makes sure your boilers warranty stays intact. This is critical as we all know a boiler is costly and we do not want to lose the assurance of the warranty that comes with the boiler. As well as this a service will ensure the safe operation of the boiler, minimising any fatalities that can occur when it comes to gas heating. One thing I would like to emphasise is that you get a boiler service done by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Check the engineers and companies’ credentials before booking a service. As a gas engineer myself, I have seen some terrible gas work and have seen engineers spending a couple of minutes servicing a boiler. This is not an adequate time to properly service a boiler. A service done properly could take as long as an hour.

Given the advantages of getting a boiler serviced, lets compare this to the cost of a service. I can’t speak for all companies but here at Belfast Gas we charge £60-£70 for a gas service. The service we provide we know we can stand over, expect to pay in this region for a boiler service.

Now let me tell you our 5 reasons as to why Summer is the best time for a boiler service.

Your Boiler’s Efficiency And Performance

A boiler running inefficiently will use more gas than a boiler running on its full efficiency, resulting in paying for more gas. Now given summer months are warmer than the bitter winters we get here in Northern Ireland it is logical to suggest getting your boilers efficiency sorted before you have to start using it more. This will result in lower gas bills as well as energy saving.

Easier To Book A Gas Engineer

High season for a heating engineer begins at the end of summer normally. Once the warm weather leaves us, our phones begin ringing off the hook with customers looking boiler repairs and services. We suggest using this low season to get your boiler serviced as gas engineers tend to have a lower workload and more availability. Leaving your service until winter could leave you in a situation where you struggle to get any reliable gas engineer with time and availability. As gas engineers we understand the danger of gas faults etc, for this reason it is common to give preference to boiler breakdowns and repairs over boiler servicing, with cold weather comes more breakdowns and boiler repairs.

You Could End Up Saving Money

A lot of gas engineers and gas service companies run special offers during the summer months. The reason for this being they have a slow turnaround of work and offer discounts to get the wheels moving on the vans. Instead of paying more in Winter for assistance from a heating engineer, book in when it is Summer and save yourselves some hard-earned cash. Also, another valid point being summer doesn’t have a Christmas, which is a time where money is a stressful period for most of the public.

It Prepares Your Boiler For The Winter Months

We all know that when the cold weather hits, our boilers are used far much more than what they are during the summer. This can result in your boiler breaking down and in need of repair if it has not been used much and then suddenly is always turned on. This difference in usage is when we notice most boiler repairs being booked in, thus costing more money than a standard boiler service. Getting your boiler serviced in the summer will have it ready for when the cold sets in.

If you’re lucky and I personally come to complete your boiler service in summer, you will see me in a pair of shorts.

At Belfast Gas we understand the importance that heat and hot water results in the aid of running a happy home. Getting an annual boiler service is the best way to make sure this continues. Call us, email us or WhatsApp us and we can schedule your summer boiler service.