Booking A Boiler Service In Belfast

Why is it important to service your boiler annually?

Servicing your boiler annually can help to increase its lifespan and keep it running safely and efficiently. If you look after your heating system, it will lower your gas bill on a longer run and save your money.
When doing a boiler service, a heating engineer can detect any small issues and get them fixed to avoid any serious issues and expensive breakdowns in future.
Another benefit of regular annual checks is keeping your boiler manufacturers warranty. Unfortunately if you missed your annual boiler service and you have boiler thats locking out or your boiler not working then your warranty may be invalid. You will need to arrange a boiler engineer to visit your property for inspection.
It is also important to have your boiler checked to avoid the risk of a gas leak. We recommend to install a carbon monoxide alarm in every room with gas appliances to keep you and your family safe.


Gas boiler service: what does it usually include?

During an annual boiler safety check our gas safe engineer usually carry out inspections of the boilers controls to make sure that they are working correctly. All internal main components are checked too, including heat exchanger, burner and spark electrode.
Flue and combustion releases sealants are checked also.
All water and gas pipework are visually inspected to ensure there is no leak.
Boiler gas and pressure flow are checked and balanced if needed.
Electrical connections and safety devices are inspected.
Then our engineer will perform a gas tightness test to confirm there are no gas leaks.

When is the best time to service your boiler?

Many people get their boilers serviced during winter months. The heating season is usually busy and gas engineers are booked for boiler breakdowns apart from regular servicing.
We recommend to prepare for heating season beforehand and get your boiler serviced in summer. During warm months boiler engineers have better availability and you could easily prepare your heating system for winter, reducing the risk of a boiler breakdown during colder month and staying with no heat.

How much does a boiler service cost in Belfast?

A boiler service at Belfast Gas could be booked for only £55. It’s an average price for a gas boiler service in Belfast and it includes one-off service. If you are looking for an oil boiler service in Northern Ireland – this could be arranged for a little more as parts are changed as standard- £65.

How do I book a boiler service in Belfast?

To get your boiler serviced you need to schedule a visit of a Gas Safe accredited engineer. All our heating engineers at Belfast Gas are Gas Safe registered and qualified to carry out the highest quality of work no matter what kind of boiler you have.
You may book a boiler service by giving us a call on 0800 0541186 or alternatively you may schedule it using our simple online form.

Boiler service and gas safety certificate

It is a legal requirement for a landlord to have all gas appliances checked annually to ensure they are working safely. After our gas safety inspection we will issue a landlord gas safety certificate. If your heating system requires any repair – we can also give you a free quote at the same time.

Replacing your boiler

If your boiler is over 15 years old you may check if you qualify for a grant-aid under the boiler replacement scheme in Northern Ireland.
Repairing an old boiler could turn very expensive and cause you nothing but problems, if you are considering a new boiler, you may get a free quote and a consultation with one of our gas engineers.