How To Save Up To 6% On Your Annual Energy Bills

The cost of heating a home in Northern Ireland rose by 70% this autumn. The Utility Regulator has warned that households can expect to pay approximately £200 a month on average for their gas and electricity. Meanwhile, Firmus Energy increased its price by just 34%, bringing the annual average bill to £968. That is really a significant figure and unfortunately it is going to continue to increase.
This price increase affected a lot of families in Northern Ireland and everyone of us already thought how we could reduce the homes energy bill.
Here we recommend one of the solutions which could help you to reduce the annual energy bill up to 6%.
One of the main strategies for saving money on your heating is to keep your boiler running efficiently through the year which could help to avoid any boiler breakdowns and expensive repairs.
Here at Belfast Gas we recommend to fit magnetic filters to your central heating system. There is no secrets, but such a simple solution is very effective and can reduce your energy bill by up to 6%.

What Is A Magnetic Filter?

A magnetic boiler filter is an attachment which is fitted to your central heating system. Magnetic filters are fixed to the pipe which returns water to your boiler after it has traveled through the heating system. They are designed to catch the sludge in the heating circuit and prevent it from entering the system.

How Do Magnetic Filters Work?

As water circulates in the metal pipes and radiators in your central heating system, rust can start to form in them. Over the time the rust breaks off and combined with debris and dirt, it forms a sludge. The sludge is carried with water throughout your heating system and it can cause problems.
The magnetic filters are designed to catch and extract the sludge and debris, corroded iron and steel elements within the sludge. Some of the magnetic filters additionally have a gravity filter which helps to remove the non-ferrous debris.
The magnetic filters clean the system from debris and sludge and thus it improves the boiler efficiency, reduces the chances of a boiler repair and increases the boiler lifespan.

Do You Have To Fit A Magnetic Filter For Your Boiler?

Although it is not essential, we consider it is very important to have a magnetic filter fitted to your central heating system because of it’s advantages.
Here at Belfast Gas, we commonly fit a magnetic filter during the boiler installation. If you wish, it could be added to your existing heating system.

How Long Do Magnetic Filters Last?

Most of the filters will last at least 2 years on your heating system, but some of them could last up to 10 years.

Why Do I Need A Magnetic Filter?

Magnetic filters offer you numerous benefits:

Improves your boiler efficiency

Annual energy bills reduced by up to 6%

Greatly reduced need for expensive repairs

Longer boiler lifespan

Reduced carbon footprint

Increased length of boiler warranty

If you want professional advice regarding magnetic filters and any other possible solutions to improve your heating system, just get in touch with our qualified heating engineers at Belfast Gas by calling on 0800 054 11 86 for a friendly chat and some professional advise