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Are Belfast Gas engineers Gas Safe registered?

All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and accredited with the correct qualifications to carry out gas work. This is critical and you should never allow anyone that is unqualified to work on your gas boiler or heating system.

What does your insurance cover?

We are a fully insured company with public liability insurance up to 2 million pounds. This is important incase you employ a company to carry out work in your home and an accident happens.

How can I book an engineer?

You can book one of our heating engineers through multiple avenues. You can call us on 08000541186, you can email us on info@belfast-gas.com or even use our simple book now form on our website.

Do you offer finance plans?

We are currently opening a finance payment option for our boiler installations and our oil to gas conversions. Contact us to enquire for more information.

How can I pay?

We accept multiple ways to settle your bill. We accommodate bank transfer, cash, Apple Pay, Google Pay and any credit or debit card.
Boiler Service

What does boiler service cover?

We offer 3 different options when it comes to boiler cover. All of these options include the minimum of your yearly boiler service and emergency call out as one of our priority customers. Send an enquiry today for more information on info@belfast-gas.com and we will discuss what cover would be ideal for your home.

How long does boiler service take?

A boiler service should take at least 30 minutes but can take longer depending on the manufacturer and model of your boiler.

Will a gas engineer check my boiler?

During a visit from our gas engineers they will carry out routine checks of your boiler. They will check for any signs of incomplete combustion, corrosion or leaks. They will make sure the flue termination is correct and safely fitted with no obstructions and adequate support. They will check the gas pressure at the boiler to make sure it is in line with the manufacturers requirements. They will also carry out tests on the gas line and emergency control valves as well as test firing your boiler to make sure it’s burning appropriately.

Will you issue a gas safety certificate?

After every gas safety check, our engineers issue the home owner or landlord with a certificate. On this certificate it is noted if the boiler is safe, if there’s any recommendations that they would suggest, the readings from their tests, and when the next check is due.

Will my boiler warranty be prolongated?

As long as your boiler has been installed properly to the manufacturers instructions and you have had it serviced yearly then the manufactures warranty will stay intact. This warranty offered by the boiler manufacturer should cover parts and labour to get your boiler working again.
Boiler Repair

How quick an engineer may come?

At Belfast Gas we aim to get to our customers as quickly as possible. We aim for a 24 hour response time but in most occasions we are quicker than this if there is an emergency such as no heating.

Do you carry out gas and oil boilers repairs?

Our engineers are qualified and experienced in both oil boiler and gas boiler repairs. Having multiple years experience in the heating industry we are confident that we can fix your heating system no matter what fuel you are using.

Do I have to order spare parts?

Not at all, we have excellent suppliers that work efficiently with us to get us the correct spare parts that you may require for your boiler. Even if the part needs ordered in, they can usually get these parts quickly.

May the repair be covered by my boiler’s warranty?

Yes it may, as long as your boiler has been installed properly as instructed by the manufacturer, and you have had a yearly boiler service and kept your side of the deal as requested in the warranty.
Boiler Installation

What do I need to do prior to my install?

Nothing, apart from arrange access and clear the area where the boiler is being installed. We will take care of the rest.

Are your installers Gas Safe registered?

All our installers are Gas Safe registered and experienced when it comes to boiler installations.

What time the installer will come?

We like to begin our installations in the morning as we like to finish the install in one day. We don’t like starting an install later on in the day as we want to ensure you have heating and hot water for the evening time.

What does my warranty cover?

Most warranties cover parts and labour if your boiler ever breakdown. Some manufacturers vary but information can be provided on their websites or even contact us at info@belfast-gas.com and we can send you what’s included in a particular boilers warranty.

Do I need to activate my warranty?

We will even register your warranty for you and have the documents sent to your home via post or email, whichever you prefer.

Will you dispose of my old boiler?

We will remove your old boiler and dispose of it correctly, our engineers make sure they leave your home as clean as it was when they entered it.

Will you flush my system?

All boilers installed by Belfast Gas get a chemical flush. This is important and sometimes a step skipped by others. To ensure the warranty of the boiler is in place, a lot of manufacturers require this to happen during the installation. This is included in the price of the install.

Do you do boiler cover?

Your new boiler will be covered by the warranty of the manufacturer although boilers not installed by us may not be covered. We offer boiler care cover including your annual boiler service, contact us on info@belfast-gas.com for more information.

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